Clean water is an immensely precious resource. Without water there is no life.

The Problem
Water is being used as a cheap commodity and is being polluted recklessly. Plastic and Microplastic pollution is threatening marine life. Mining and the use of fossil fuels poisons our rivers, lakes and oceans. Water runoffs, which carry sediments, nutrients, and pesticides from agricultural fields into surface and ground water, furthermore the shipping and cruising industry, dumping waste and the petrol used are other polluting factors.

Did you know?
To produce 150 gr beef burger 2350 liters of water is needed, a soyburger only 158 liters and a veggie-burger even less.
A cigarette butt can contaminate 200l of water.
One container ship pollutes equally as 50 million cars. More Information



Healthy soil (rich in minerals, arthropods, living organisms) means healthy people.

The Problem
Soil is contaminated mainly through: Chemical waste dumping, whether accidental or deliberate – such as illegal dumping; leaks during storage or transport. Foundry activities and manufacturing processes resulting in the possible dispersion of contaminants. Mining, Construction, Transportation and Agricultural activities, the latter involving the diffusion of herbicides, pesticides and/or insecticides and fertilizers and the storage of waste in landfills.

Did you know?
Nearly all of the antibiotics we take to help us fight infections come from soil.
There are more microorganisms in a handful of soil than there are people on earth.
More Information



We all share air. Air pollution is affecting quality of life today.

The Problem
Emissions and exhaust from engines, from factories and power stations burning fossil fuels such as oil and coal, from refineries are the most important polluting factors. Pesticides and herbicides used in agriculture as well as the gases that are released by livestock, particles released from mining operations and the burning of waste as well as forest fires, are equally as problematic.

Did you know?
One flight between NY and LA generates 10 percent of the greenhouse gases that your car emits over an entire year.
One single container ship can cause as much air pollution as 50 million cars.
One improperly recycled refrigerator produces as much pollution as a car driven 17.000km in one year. More Information


  • consume less and only consume what and as much as needed.
  • travel consciously: combine appointments and trips, walk, take public transportation or whenever possible.
  • eat less meat and dairy products.
  • light and heat only the space needed.
  • turn off appliances, lights and computers.
  • buy unpackaged non-processed food whenever possible.
  • buy as much as possible local seasonal and organic and support farmers near us by buying directly
  • purchase second hand clothes, labels for less and support your local charity.
  • give clothes, shoes, appliances, computers etc. to charity or sell them.
  • think before you print.
  • refill printing cartridges, pens, water bottles, pencils etc.
  • produce your own yogurt, kefir, schampoo, house cleaner, body lotion, toothpaste etc.
  • discover delicious vegan recipes and inspire others
  • filter drinking water with a closed system activated carbon filter or drink tap water
  • use fabric tissues and napkins (you can even make them from old bed sheets) to clean your nose
  • use period panties (like thinx or ooshies)
  • buy drinks in glass bottles or make them yourself
  • push for fundamental changes for a more sustainable living in politics
  • vote for policies that abandon the pure growth strategy and prioritise a sustainability strategy
  • remember every little bit and everyone counts
  • find many more ideas at the Pavilhão do Conhecimento.
  • Do you have another idea?
  • Please send it to me. Thank you for sharing!

About iLAND

iLAND is featuring the most pressing environmental issues. The green iLAND shows arial images from desertification and flooding, to monoculture and mining, the more colorful island features infrared images of the issues at hand and their progress (restoration or further decay)

Just create awareness

How would you care if the world was an island and you were forced to stay on it? Would you see the urgency of a sustainable live style if forest fires, industry and agriculture were polluting your front yard?

Most of the environmental problems we cause are being felt by the poor living far away from us. We forget Fukushima because it didn't poison the fish on our table and we continued to breath the same air when we opened our door. How long can this go on? The two iLAND versions point visually to the various environmental issues that are OUR problem.

iLAND wants to point out the issues visually because there is so much information but so little that touches us. iLAND loves to inspire each of us to live a more sustainable life. Spending less - living more!

Regina Frank The HeArt is Present


The HeArt Is Present

The past is history, the future a mistery the present a gift that is why it's called the present

Regina Frank's Motto The HeArt is Present is focusing on the HeArt: going further and deeper into the present of presence and into the artists gift. The performer’s visual language, spoken mainly through text and textiles, reveals a meditative process of exploring inner and outer networks as well as environmental, cultural and spiritual issues. Her works encompass a field of tension between virtual and real, analog and digital. She has been investigating the Phenomena of Social Software and Software installation for the Umweltbundesamt UBA Germany since 2004. For 28 years she has been developing a series of unpublished performances: long duration works that conclude in different phases.

Text by Lori Waxman for documenta 13


Presented In

Museums, Universities, Governmental Agencies

Regina Frank has exhibited her work in Europe, the US and Asia, including, comprehensive projects at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York, the Serpentine Gallery in London, the MOCA in Los Angeles, the Cultural Olympics in Atlanta, the Spiral Wacoal Art Center in Tokyo, the MOMA in Sapporo, the San Diego Museum of Art, Chienku Technology University, Taiwan, Expo 2000, the UBA and UNESCO in Paris. Live 4, Guangzhou China, Inf'raction Séte, France and Venice, Italy. In 2017, she developed Slowdown Runway for London Artfair. Her most recent project iLAND was exhibited at the MAAT (Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology) in Lisbon, the Kunsthalle Faust Hannover, TheNewArtFest18, Websummit and MUNHAC (Natural History Museum), Lisbon, and BioArt, Seoul Korea.


The Artist Is Present


For 21 years, Regina Frank titled her work “The Artist is Present” and published several books and catalogues under the same title in 1998, 1999 and 2001. After Marina Abramoviç adapted her title in 2010, it inspired Regina Frank to change to the motto "The HeArt is Present". She works with tapestry, painting, sculpture, installation, collage and performance. Regina Frank’s work, which combines text, technology, and textile, has been featured since the early 1990s in several history books, art magazines, newspapers, as well as at Vogue, Harpers, Parade, and Cosmopolitan, AvantArt, Sculpture Magazine, as well as Yale University Radio. In Portugal she has been interviewed by the Observador, and the Publico.

Here is Regina Frank's site...

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At The HeArt is Present, our goal is to provide a special experience, invite interaction, discussion and interdisciplinary exchange with people from all backgrounds. We present information with beauty, bridge technology and handiwork as well as science and art. We create art that inspires the viewer to realise, rethink and reconsider current human issues. We create art as a reminder of the artist within us and the changes we each can make.
We use diverse media from AR to text and textile, to develop concepts that make issues tangible and thus touch you.

David Avelar (cE3c - Center for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes) for the review and suggestions on the texts.
Rosalia Vargas (Director) for inviting me to be Artist in Resident at the Pavilhão do Conhecimento, Amilton Morreira (Managment) translations and generous advise, Carla Afilhado Martins (Environmental Geography), Clara Slawik (Enviromental Psycholical Strategy), Peter Treffler (UBA, Germany: Environmental Data Analytist and Information Organization), Graça Romano (Artist/ Assistent), Basil Belime (Environmental Engineering), Elisa Ochoa (Curatorial Advice), Arthur Clay (Artist, AR), AAntonio Pedro Ferreira (Photography, Video), Jorge Santos (Video), Hugo Alexandre Cruz (Video), João Barreira (Video, Editing, WebsiteProgramming), ALIANÇA ANIMAL, Desafio Vegetariano, Projecto Escola Vegana, Pistácio Vegan Store and Evergreen vegan wine from PARRAS WINES, the GO´s and countless NGO's for your loving support in the goal to foster a cleaner safer and sustainable future.